Lawn Care Tips

Care Tips

Lawn Care for New Lawns

The most important requirement for germinating turf-grass is adequate moisture. Keeping the seed moist either by rainfall or irrigation, will encourage proper seed development.

The first watering should be done the day your lawn is seeded. Water gently to moisten the soil to a depth of 2-3 inches. Be careful not to water with such force that it washes away top soil or dislodges the seed.

After the initial watering, irrigate the newly seeded area lightly 2-3x per day until the grass starts to mature. Then the intervals between watering can be lengthened and the amount of water applied at any one time increased.

Watering at Night is not recommended.

Too much activity on your newly seeded lawn will interfere with germination. For the first 4 weeks, limit the amount of activity on your lawn as much as possible. A little attention to your lawn will go a long way.